Sandy Melchiori

I am best known for my works as an oil painter. But I am also a landscape designer and all around entrepreneur. I enjoy living is Sisters, Oregon and being collected widely around the country.

My paintings are described as active, with a high energy of broad exciting brushstrokes of saturated color. I love to paint and have, since I was 10 years old. My work is representational, with a departure from the traditional way of applying paint to the canvas. 

Inspired to Paint from Everywhere I have been inspired to create colorful landscapes and have been painting expressionistic canvases for over 20 years. The landscape design and construction business that my husband and I run together has provided us with a great life and my art has provided me with emotional happiness. Bob and I have been able to travel and follow our passions because of our hard work and the success of our business. With my husband’s support, I have felt driven to pursue my artist dreams! I love coming up with creative ideas of visually stimulating landscape and paintings. My journey to create beauty has always been fun!

My Website:
Please visit my website for more images of my artwork and interesting information about me and my passions.

Driving Directions to my Studio at
69582 Holmes Road, Sisters, Oregon:
• Hwy 126 toward Redmond
• Turn left on Holmes Rd.
• Drive to stop sign –"T" in the road
• Turn right on Holmes Rd. 
• .7 mile studio address on your right after McKenzie Canyon Rd.