Nature's Bling Gallery

Nature's Bling isn't just a place to purchase rocks. There is a museum feel to many of the displays, most of which are not behind glass. On the back wall is an entire jaw of a prehistoric dinosaur called a Monasaur, sourced from Morocco. Estimated to be between 85-115 million years old, it was discovered by a Moroccan paleontologist and acquired by the Taylors. It is available for purchase, but most customers will be content with gazing at a perfectly preserved piece of ancient history.

There are giant crystal formations, gems, rare finds and more among the 4,000-plus items in the store. All are able to be touched. Prices are set at close to wholesale due to the Taylor's ability to work directly with the sources. This is a gallery of gemstones more than it is a place to find exceptional rocks. One of their favorite places is the Dino Dig, located in the courtyard behind the store. For a small fee, children of all ages can dig for real fossils, keeping what they find and going home with a description of what they've found.

Local and Northwest artists have gemstone jewelry and art pieces on display. Plan on taking your time here. There is a lot to see. You can learn more about Nature's Bling at their website, or Facebook page.

Natures Bling Gallery – 183 East Hood Avenue – Sisters, OR – 541-549-6875 – Send an Email