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Jeni Kelleher

Jeni will be showing her work at Hayden Homes Model Home, at 1310 West Hill Avenue, Sisters, OR 97759 .

Jeni is a self-taught pastel artist. Her love of animals can be seen through the eyes in all of her work. She is currently working on how to paint human portraits as well.

Her parents met in art school at The Cleveland Institute of Art. She was always around creative thinking, and taught to look at things from all sides while growing up. Although Jeni was always encouraged to be creative, she never had any formal art training. She followed a career in the medical field as a paramedic on a fire department for 15 years, and then started her own home hospice care business, which she ran for another 12 years.  

In 2016 she made the move to Sisters, Oregon to marry her high school sweetheart, who is also from Akron, Ohio. Since here, she began to draw and paint, always having wondered if she had untapped talents.

She began with oils, but became impatient with while waiting for them to dry. She settled in with acrylics and chose my subject matter to be animals and wildlife because they bring her such joy. Then a friend introduced me to pastels, and told her she could achieve the details she was after, by using pastel pencils. She soon found a deep fondness for the pure pigmented wonderful assortment of colors and blend ability. 

Jeni’s paintings are a product of the laughter, emotions, and gratitude she sees in animals. Her commissioned pet portraits begin with a good close-up photograph that brings out something special. She pays attention to lighting, colors, and most of all, capturing the soul in the eyes.

“I am grateful for each day and this new adventure in learning about myself,” Jeni says. “I will be forever grateful to the people who have crossed my path, encouraged, given pointers and the opportunity to share my work.”

Driving Directions to the Hayden Homes Studio at
1310 West Hill Avenue, Sisters, Oregon 97759:

• From Highway 20 at the roundabout in Sisters take the southwest exit on McKinney Butte Road.
• Right on Trinity Way.
• Right on Hill Avenue.
The Hayden Homes studio is on the left, one building from the corner..