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Jan Daggett

Jewelry and lapidary artist Jan Daggett has a background as diverse as her gallery.  Having worked in the art from early childhood, Jan’s preference for abstract sculpture led to her first and only jewelry class in high school.  Assisted by mentors she taught herself wax carving, casting, fabrication and creative stone cutting and by age 17 sold her first line of silver and agate jewelry on prestigious Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.  By her early 20s she was working exclusively in gold, selling through galleries and for 10 years became the owner and operator of an important agate mine in Montana, wholesaling collections to the Smithsonian and collectors around the world.  In 1990, she sold the mine to focus on jewelry, using that proceeds to open The Jewel on Highway 20 (Cascade Avenue) in Sisters.  

Though many pieces may focus on a single spectacular gem, the work she loves most is her subtle blending of shape, color & texture, combining precious and humble gems with her sculptural style of metalwork.  As a collector and connoisseur for over 40 years, her unparalleled pallet of materials provides continuous inspiration for creation of new one-of-a-kind pieces, both for the gallery and private clients. 

My Website:
Please visit my store website, the Jewel, in Sisters for more images of my work.

Driving Directions to my Studio at
282 West Main Ave., Sisters, Oregon:

• From Cascade Ave. in Sisters
• Turn north on Oak St.
• Go one block to Main Ave..
• My studio is the big red house on the corner of Oak
and Main with a sign that says, "DAGGETTS"
Enter through double French Doors on the west side nearest Oak.