Grizzly Ridge Upcycle

Grizzly Ridge Upcycle is an eclectic collection of fabulous upcycled art that will ignite your imagination, and stimulate your mind. Not only is it environmentally responsible to find ways to re-use material that would otherwise be discarded; the beautiful inherent character and history gleaned from humble beginnings contributes a marvelous flavor to the finished product.

You will be amazed at the many ways normal, everyday objects can be transformed into fabulous treasure. The possibilities are limitless!

The artwork featured at Grizzly Ridge Upcycle is a collection of many different local artists, as well as artists from all over Oregon, Washington, and the Northwest. There is such exciting variety in this gallery that it has quickly become a must-see location for this area. The inventory is constantly changing and evolving throughout the year so there is always something new to discover every time you visit.. Learn more by visiting their website.

Grizzly Ridge Upcycle – 123 E. Hood Ave. – Sisters, Oregon – 541-588-3070 – Send an Email