Danae Bennett Miller

Danae Miller is a nationally recognized sculptor of western wildlife. Her stark and intensely stylized figures of horses, elk, bison, cranes, and other creatures distill the essence of “wild.” In Miller’s renderings, outward appearances are shed, and animals are stripped down to their spiritual skeletons. The result is western sculpture reinvented—raw, primal, and profoundly alive.

Working primarily in cast bronze and cast leaded crystal, Miller first sculpts her subjects directly in semi-liquid wax sheets, a rare technique that imbues her work with the dramatic textures and open, negative spaces that are hallmarks of her style. Oregon Art Beat has featured her process.

Miller’s talismanic animal sculptures have been privately commissioned by collectors in New York, California, Texas, and other states, as well as by the cities of Bend and Sisters.  Miller lives in Tumalo with her husband and son. The family raises grass fed beef using working horses and traditional methods

You can learn more about Danae by visiting her website. or the Tumalo Art Company Website.

Driving Directions to my Studio at
18775 Pinehurst Rd, Bend, Oregon:
• From Highway 20 and Fryrear Rd., continue 5.2 miles toward Bend.
• Turn sharply right onto Pinehurst Rd. (at Bend Distillery Sign).
• Continue on Pinehurst for 1.7 miles to driveway on the left (across from Allen Rd.).
• Studio is to the right, first building, at end of driveway..