Art Stroll - Music, Quick Draw and More

Every year, hundreds of art lovers visit the Art Stroll locations on the night before the My Own Two Hands (MOTH) Auction. And every year, dozens of strollers bemoan their plight - "I'd love to attend the auction, but the tickets are all sold out!" This year, SAA is joining with the Sisters Folk Festival to hold a "Quick Draw" during the Friday the 13th Art Stroll.

A little background ... and a surprise!

Sisters Arts Association (SAA) member galleries are staying open every Fourth Friday for the Sisters Arts Stroll, from 4 to 7 p.m. Each month, what the galleries are featuring is a little different – featured artists, light refreshments, perhaps a little music.

Every month, the galleries participate in a “Quick Draw.” A local business donates a valuable gift … and as you walk from one gallery to the next, you can enter the drawing for that gift at each gallery. The catch? You can only enter once per gallery. This encourages visitors to explore the many galleries along Hood, Cascade, Main and Adams Avenues.

Our very first “Quick Draw” in April was for a $100 gift certificate donated by Sisters Saloon & Ranch Grill. The lucky winner was Kay Watanabe of Black Butte Ranch. She celebrated her birthday with friends at the Saloon that weekend, so the gift was very timely.

We are holding another “Quick Draw” during the My Own Two Hands Art Stroll on Friday, May 13. This drawing will be for the FINAL two tickets to the MOTH Auction on Saturday night at Ponderosa Forge. This is valued at more than $150. We know that by then, tickets will be sold out to the Sisters Folk Festival’s annual fundraiser for the Americana Project. This will be your chance to get tickets if you missed the opportunity, or win tickets for your friends or family who will be visiting over the weekend.

The participating stroll locations are a little different from the usual Fourth Friday Art Stroll locations. We are happy that many other businesses will be open and displaying the fantastic art that’s been donated by Sisters’ many talented artists. And – each stroll location will also feature live music!

Here is where you can stroll, listen to tunes, and enter the MOTH Quick Draw:

•    Alpenhimmel Creative Arts Emporium – 392 W. Main Ave. – Music by The Love Puppies
•    Sisters Art Works – 204 W. Adams Ave. – Music by Honey Don’t
•    Preston Thompson Guitars – 352 E. Main Ave. – Music by Patrick Lombardi
•    Cork Cellars – 391 W. Cascade Ave. – Music by Melanie Rose Dyer and Daniel Cooper
•    Twigs Gallery/Stitchin’ Post – 331 W. Cascade Ave. – Music by Willie Carmichael
•    The Jewel – 221 W. Cascade Ave. – Music by Kurt Silva and Lilli Warona
•    Hood Avenue Art – 357 W. Hood Ave. – Music by David Z. and Joe Leonardi
•    Clearwater Gallery – 303 W. Hood Ave. – Music by Bill Valenti
•    Sisters Coffee Company – 273 W. Hood Ave. – Music by Americana Project Students
•    Sisters Gallery and Frame Shop – 252 W. Hood Ave. – Music by Tyler Cranor Jazz Combo
•    Paulina Springs Books – 252 W. Hood Ave. – Music by Jim Cornelius and Friends
•    Ken Scott’s Imagination Gallery – 222 W. Hood Ave. – Music by Coyote Willow
•    Dyrk Godby Gallery – 178 S. Elm St. – Music by Farrel Droke
•    Things Etc. – 178 S. Elm St. – Music by Bruce Schweitzer
•    Grizzly Ridge Upcycle – 123 E. Hood Ave. – Music by Appaloosa
•    Studio Redfield – 183 E. Hood Ave. – Music by Rick Johnson

Remember, only one entry per person, per stroll location.

At the end of the stroll, 7 p.m.-ish, all of the tickets will be collected and we will draw the winning ticket at The Belfry, where the Community Arts Celebration will be in full swing. The Community Celebration starts at 6:30 p.m. and includes music by 3 Leg Torso, one of our favorite bands from Portland.