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Annie Dyer

Annie’s first serious introduction to the art of clay came in the 1980s when she was invited to complete a traditional apprenticeship with master ceramicist Asako Watanabe in Japan. There she learned the aesthetic and patience required to create elegant pottery forms. Subsequently, she found her way to Central Oregon where the beauty and ruggedness of the Pacific Northwest worked its way into her psyche, and ultimately her art. 

“I love the immediacy of working with clay. It differs from other mediums in that there are no tools between the material, providing an innate transfer of emotion and energy directly into the piece and me. I produce unique functional art that unites the smooth rich surfaces of glazed and finished clay with the raw richness of nature. My hope is that my work will inspire a tactile and thoughtful curiosity in the viewer which will translate into a deeper appreciation of the natural world.”

To learn more about Annie, her work, and upcoming events, we encourage you to visit her website.

Driving Directions to my Studio at
66885 Paradise Alley, Bend, Oregon 97703:

• From Highway 20 go south on Paradise Alley.
• Right on West Hood Ave.
• My studio in the gallery is on the left, one building from the corner..